Second day.

Actually, the first day that I have some semblance of control over this beast. Excuse me, delightful website. Funny how some level of competence in one field does not necessarily carry over to another.

i feel reasonably competent in the studio these days. If something doesn’t quite work out as I expect I know that I will be able to sort it.

This is not the case with computer work. Never mind. The great team at Yodel have been guiding me every baby step of the way.

The grand plan for this week was to take Baldrick over to Okiwi Bay for a few days painting. Shocking weather and washed out roads rather put an end to that. Then I found that Baldrick’s trailer had a dodgy wheel bearing. Bother.

It will be next week at the soonest before we are on the road again.

Not to worry. There is still lots to do in the valley.