I realise that this is an odd one for a landscape artist. I’m not attempting to justify it. I paint and have painted and drawn many subjects over the years. This one started out as a simple cartoon line drawing over twenty years ago. The idea lingered at the back of my mind as they sometimes do. A few years ago I thought that I would try to turn it into something approaching a traditional fine art painting.
This is the third attempt.
I have done a lot of painting over the past twenty years and I suppose that I am a more informed if not better artist as a consequence. Each time I have taken this as far as I could, then put it away. I have shown the developing piece privately and at at club shows. After some years l would get it out of storage and not surprisingly could see what it needed to be improved.
This is its latest state.
“Everyman”. The clear light of reason or an amulet of power will avail us naught when we wear the blindfold of prejudice and ideology.