Back at Home

‘The summer boating season has ended. I took Baldrick over to Okiwi Bay in February. This was the first opportunity to explore the Marlborough Sounds this summer. For a variety of reasons,  not the least of which was the weather and nearly continuous rain during December it was not possible to get away any earlier.
Fortunately the new year brought a marvellous Indian Summer through Autumn.

We managed four days at sea. This will result in four paintings over the next couple of months. As they are finished they will be posted in Gallery five. These paintings will form a collection “In my Eightieth Year”. At this stage I have no idea where, when or even if they will be exhibited. So far it has been a great deal of fun just painting them. I hope that you have as much pleasure viewing them.

Cheers! Ross

Whangarae Bay on the easel. I’ll publish it in Gallery Five when finished